Why Donate my PC to KidComputers?

KidComputers is a locally-based community project. It was founded right here in Arizona to help educate, motivate and inspire disadvantaged youngsters; while helping to protecting the environment by recycling computer waste. We collect, refurbish, and then re-distribute used computers to needy children.

Three Services are Provided

1) Most merchants contribute by offering generous discounts for your old PC or Laptop, while also serving as convenient drop-off locations. 2) The collection and refurbishment is done by RedSeven and Scottsdale Community College students (earning credits). 3) Lastly the East Valley Boys & Girls Clubs distribute the finished product to children in need.

Thank You for you support!

*Approximately 75% of donated equipment goes into the program. Any equipment that cannot be used, due to age or condition, is sent to a local electronics recycler.